5 Great Bags to Give Your Significant Other This Holiday Season

Handbags are no longer reserved for women. Men love to use a great bag as well. Handbags are the most functional and sought-after accessories in the fashion industry.

They withstand most weather elements, and they look polished with any outfit. There are so many styles and versions of handbags out there. To lessen confusion, here are five great bags you can give your significant other this holiday season.


1. The Leather Satchel

The leather satchel is the perfect everyday handbag for every man or woman. This medium-to-large sized handle bag carries everything you need on a regular basis. You can store your laptop or tablet, smartphone, books, folders, and more. It takes all of your essentials. Choose one in a neutral shade like black or dark brown. Stay away from handbags that have designer logos or hardware since they’re trendy and often dated.


2. The Crossbody Handbag

The crossbody is another bag that’s ideal for everyday use. It gives you the freedom as you run errands, buys groceries, or chase your kids around. It makes a better gift than a backpack or messenger bag. Think of it as a gender-friendly, grown-up version of either of these bags. An excellent crossbody bag has an adjustable strap that’s long enough to sling over your chest. The handbag should be medium sized, so it’s small enough to carry but not so big that you feel weighed down.



3. The Classic Tote Bag

Every woman needs a classic tote. The tote bag is also perfect for men on the go. It’s a good way for anyone to look polished and put together. If you carry a laptop to and from the office, then you’ll need a tote bag. If you’re not taking much else other than your phone, makeup bag, and your wallet, you can still use a tote bag. Just use a smaller sized one in a canvas material. Custom tote bags add a personalized touch and make your significant another feel as if they own a one of a kind.



4. The Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bags are just as chic as tote bags. However, they have more of a sporty appeal that makes them great for both men and women. Shoulder bags come in a variety of styles and textures such as suede, leather, and canvas. A suede or leather shoulder bag is ideal for the fall and winter months, while a canvas bag is light enough to carry around in the summer. The options for shoulder bags are varied, so it’s worth spending money on one that fits your style and budget.




5. The Designer Handbag

Everyone loves to have a designer handbag in their wardrobe. You want to choose one that’s sure to last for several years and never goes out of style. There’s always the classic Chanel chain strap bag or the iconic Birkin bag. Both of these bags are not only classics, but they look great with almost anything. The Chanel handbag is the LBD (little black dress) of the purses.



This is the only holiday guide you need to find the best bag for your significant other. The bags listed here are typically low to expensive options. Always determine your budget before shopping for your significant other.

Shopping Tips For Buying An External Harddrive

When the first external hard drive first hit the market, it was large, clunky, slow and very expensive. Like most aspects of the world of computer technology, however, the prices of these external hard drives have steadily fallen, even as the speed, reliability and storage capacity has increased so greatly. While the storage capacity of the first external hard drives was measured in mere megabytes, today most external hard drives are capable of holding hundreds of gigabytes worth of data.

There are a number of reasons why a computer owner would opt to buy an external hard drive instead of installing a secondary hard drive inside the computer case. One of the most significant benefits, of course, is that of convenience and simplicity. After all, many computer users are simply not comfortable opening the cases of their computer and installing additional hardware. When you opt for an external rather than an internal hard drive you do not need to crack the case; you simply need to plug it in and go. Another great benefit of an external hard drive is its portability.

Unlike internal hard drives, external hard drives can be moved from computer to computer in a matter of minutes, simply by unplugging them from one computer and plugging them into another. For this reason, external hard drives are often used in the business world, especially by traveling employees. Traveling employees can instantly sync up the data on an external hard drive with that on their desktop or laptop PC, and then easily transport that data anywhere in the world. There are a number of things to consider when buying a new external hard drive, whether the drive is to be used for business or personal purposes. One consideration, of course, is that of price.

While there used to be a huge price differential between internal and external hard drives, with external hard drives costing far more than internal had drives, these days the difference in price has dropped significantly, making an external harddrive a more realistic choice for more and more people. Storage capacity, of course, is important as well. As with any type of hard drive, it is best to buy as large an external hard drive as you can afford. Even if you do not think you will ever need all those gigabytes of storage, it never hurts to have it available, and the price differential between large drives and smaller ones is generally quite low. It is also important to look at the speed of the hard drive you are considering.

The speed of the external hard drive will be expressed in RPMs, and the higher this number the faster the drive will be. In addition, you will see an average seek time number, expressed in milliseconds. The lower this number, the faster the drive should run, and this is an important consideration, especially for business users.